Let's talk about how I can help you scale your business, while saving you money.

My name is David Hogan and for the past 26+ years, I've devoted my career to helping busy executives and their teams figure out how to properly scale their startups. 


I started my career in corporate America, supporting every level of leadership at a Fortune 500 company. I asked a lot of questions, got involved in every type of project imaginable and interacted with every department within the organization. Then, I worked for startups and realized my calling was helping to build processes and procedures. 


Two years ago, I decided to offer inexpensive support to startups and small business, and Throne Consulting was born. 

So, what can a Chief of Staff do for you? Just about anything to help you scale your business while keeping costs low. 

Social Media

I can help oversee social media strategy, content creation, and engagement to ensure cohesive branding and effective communication with your target audience.


I can streamline operations by implementing efficient processes, optimizing resource allocation, and coordinating cross-functional teams, leading to increased productivity and cost savings.


I can support PeopleOps by managing talent acquisition, performance management, and employee engagement initiatives, fostering a positive and high-performing work environment.

Project Management

I can drive project success by overseeing timelines, resource allocation, and stakeholder communication, facilitating collaboration and ensuring deliverables are met efficiently.

Event Planning

Whether virtual or in-person, I've been planning events for 26+ years. I can orchestrate successful events by coordinating logistics, managing vendor relationships, and ensuring seamless execution, resulting in a memorable experience for attendees. 

Chief of Staff

Not sure what in the world your business needs? You're not alone. Many of my clients start their journey with Throne Consulting with strategy meetings so we can figure out where you need immediate help. Chances are I've worked on solving the problems your business is facing.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, I can help. Let's chat!